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Clyde River
CYCY - Clyde River, Nunavut, Canada Print E-mail

Clyde River, NunavutClyde River, known as Kangiqtugaapik in Inuktitut,  is located on the northeast coast of Baffin Island in Nunavut.  It is the contact point for travel to the scenic Sam Ford Fiord, one of about 10 fiords in the region.  Local mountains have made the area popular with base jumpers and mountain climbers.

Another of the attractions in the area is the Niginganiq / Isabella Bay bowhead whale sanctuary. Created in 2008, the people of Clyde River have been working towards it for decades. In the summer, more than 100 bowheads gather in the bay, one of the largest concentrations of bowheads in the world.

With a population of about 800 people, it is one of Nunavut's smaller communities.  The Hudson's Bay Company founded a trading post in the area in the 1920s.  The U.S. Coast Guard also operated a weather station there during World War Two.  


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CYCY - Clyde River Airport Info Print E-mail

fiords near Clyde RiverThe information below is general, and NOT for specific flight planning purposes. Check CURRENT version of the Canada Flight Supplement to ensure accurate information.

N70 29 09 W68 31 01; Magnetic Dev: 46 degrees W; Elevation: 87'; VNC Chart A5023; CAP published IFR approach

Time: Eastern UTC -5 (-4 at daylight saving time)

Runway: 02/20 (018/198 True); 3500ft x 100 ft gravel; overhead view of airport

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Clyde River Accommodations, Tourism and Links Print E-mail

Clyde River is a community of about 800 people.  Services are relatively limited, but the recent creation of the bowhead whale sanctuary and other wildlife reserves in the area. As well, the Nunavut Government is looking at the possibility of a territorial park in the region.


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