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fiords near Clyde RiverThe information below is general, and NOT for specific flight planning purposes. Check CURRENT version of the Canada Flight Supplement to ensure accurate information.

N70 29 09 W68 31 01; Magnetic Dev: 46 degrees W; Elevation: 87'; VNC Chart A5023; CAP published IFR approach

Time: Eastern UTC -5 (-4 at daylight saving time)

Runway: 02/20 (018/198 True); 3500ft x 100 ft gravel; overhead view of airport

Operator: Government of Nunavut 1-867-897-3606

Current METAR and TAF for CYCY

Canadian Airport Maneovering Surface airport Chart CYCY

Sample IFR approach information CAP1 (note this NOT current. It is for information purposes only, not for flight planning - it is a large PDF file containing IFR approach info for all airports in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Yukon).

NavCanada on-line store for purchase of PDF versions of CAP1, VNC charts, and other publications.

This airport is in Northern Domestic Airspace. Nav Canada publications no longer use the letter T following the runway headings to indicated degrees True. However, runway headings are in TRUE degrees in Northern Domestic Airspace. See here for Canadian Designated Airspace Handbook.

Flight Planning and Weather: NOTAM file CYCY North Bay Flight Service Station: 1-866-WXBRIEF (1-866-992-7433)  or 1-866-541-4109;  IFR Edmonton Area Control Centre: toll free 1-888-358-7526 or 1-780-890-8304/8305; local METAR available from CARS, limited hours 1-867-924-6344. AWOS at other hours; TAF H24 hours issue times 01,07,13 19Z; RCR - CARS; see Radio below for CARS hours.

Fuel:  Jet A-1, no AVGAS;  1-867-924-6025; Hours 1600-2300Z M-F, excluding holidays; O/T call out charge, prior notice required at 1-867-924-6025. Credit Cards not accepted. Credit by prior arrangement by calling 1-867-645-8400, allow 7 working days.

Radio: MF 122.1 (5nm to 3100ASL), Airport Radio/CARS available 1400-2400Z M-&W, 1400-2300Z  Tues;,Thurs, Fri; 1400-2300Z Sat; 1100-2000Z Sun; except federally observed holidays (one hour earlier during Daylight Saving Time months; AWOS 124.6; CARS monitors 121.5 Emergency frequency

NavAids:  NDB - YCY 256  N70 29 07 W68 31 36   076 degrees True 0.2 NM to aerodrome

Lighting: 02-AS(TE ME) AP; 20-AS(TE ME) AP  ARCAL-122.1, type K

Airport firefighting:  None


SERVICES AT TERMINAL BUILDING: building open limited hours around commercial flight arrivals/departures  while CARS is staffed. Nursing station, RCMP, hotel and store (limited hours) near the terminal. No rental cars.

Note: The Canada Flight Supplement offers this advice about flying to Clyde River: Uncontrolled traffic crossing runway approximately 500 feet from threshold of 02T. Unlighted hydro poles approximately 40 feet AGL (120 ASL) both sides of runway between 02T threshold and apron. Runway edge lighting installed higher than standard (approximately 27 inches high located 5' outside runway edge).

Clyde River Flight arrival and departure information

Clyde River Google Earth Satellite View

Eglinton Fiord, NunavutThe photo at left and the one above come from Pat Healey's website of his 2003 trip with John Lohr up the east coast of Baffin Island to the North Magnetic Pole. Visit the site for more breathtaking pictures and information about their trip.

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