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Clyde River is a community of about 800 people.  Services are relatively limited, but the recent creation of the bowhead whale sanctuary and other wildlife reserves in the area. As well, the Nunavut Government is looking at the possibility of a territorial park in the region.


  • Qammaq Hotel 6 rooms ph 1-867-924-6222; fax 1-867-924-6007


  • Clyde River Trophy Hunts (Levi Palituq)  ph 1-867-924-6514
  • Steven Aipelie - Licenced Outfitter ph 1-867-924-6220
  • Qullikkut Guides Ltd. (Joshua Illauq) ph 1-867-924-6268; fax 1-867-924-6362
  • Ajagutaaq’s Outfitting (Abraham Tigullaraq) ph 1-867-924-6345; fax 1-867-924-6345
  • Hunters and Trappers Assoc. ph 1-867-924-6202; fax 1-867-924-6197
  • Polar Sea Adventures (Pond Inlet)

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Other sites of interest:

  • Ittaq supporting science, research and media projects in Clyde River
  • Pisuk Media

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