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City of IqaluitWith a population around 7,000, Iqaluit is the largest community in Nunavut.  While that makes it big for these parts, it is a small town by southern Canadian standards.  Most services and amenities are available here, but you may not find everything you're accustomed to in a larger centre.

There are no road links to the outside world.  That means everything comes in by plane, or in the summer, by ship.  Prices tend to be high.  Selection and availability of some goods and services can be limited.

Here is contact information for Iqaluit Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts. Most links take you to their websites.






Capital SuitesCapital Suites   1-867-975-4000


Frobisher Inn  1-877-422-9422


Discovery Hotel


Discovery Hotel 1-867-979-4433




Hotel Arctic 1-867-979-6684


Bed and Breakfast Accommodations:


By the Sea Accommodations By the Sea 1-867-979-6074

Nunattaq Suites Nunattaq Suites 1-867-979-2221

Iqaluit Beaches B&B

Iqaluit Beaches B&B 1-867-979-3034

or 1-867-222-8850



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Crazy Caribou B&B 1-867-975-2745

Raven Accommodations 867-975-2617

Pearson's Arctic Homestay 1-867-979-6408

By the  Bay Bed and Breakfast 1-867-979-7724


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