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Even though Iqaluit is a relatively small community, there's lots to do here and in the region.  Depending on the season, trips out on the land or sea can provide a fascinating experience. There are several local outfitters that provide boat, snowmobile, dog team, or other trips in the area.

The City of Iqaluit publishes an annual Visitors' Guide which contains lots of detailed information for tourists, and a local recreation guide listing various clubs, organizations and activities in the city. The Baffin Chamber of Commerce provides a search-able Nunavut-wide Business Directory. The Government of Nunavut publishes a guide to doing business with the territorial government. The Nunavut Handbook also provides a great deal of information for people travelling in the territory. The most recent edition was published in 2004, but much of the material remains relevant.

The Government of Nunavut publishes a guide to doing business with the territorial government.

Nunavut Tourism provides a wide range of tourism information for Iqaluit, and other Nunavut communities.

Two commercial airlines serve Iqaluit with flights from Ottawa and Montreal:

Canadian North,  and First Air

For Iqaluit Accommodation, click here; for Outfitters and Links, click here.

Iqaluit is home to a number of annual events and festivals.



Alianait Festival logoAlianait! takes place in late June. It brings together a range of regional, national and international musicians and artists for a uniquely northern festival. The festival runs from June 30th through to July 3, 2016. Alianait gets better every year.  A great way to get summer started!


NACA logoThe Nunavut Arts Festival usually takes place right after Alianait! in Iqaluit. The festival is organized by the Nunavut Arts and Crafts Association, and brings together carvers, print makers, jewellers, painters, doll makers... well, just about every visual artform active in Nunavut today.  Meet the artists, purchase some excellent art at reasonable prices, and watch the creative process at work!



Toonik Tyme logo Since the 1960's, Toonik Tyme has celebrated the coming of spring. Dates for the festival vary, but it is generally held in April.  As the bright sun shines off the snow and ice, Toonik Tyme brings the community together for games, performances, contests and other activies. The 51st Toonik Tyme takes place April 15 to 23, 2016. You can also find more information on their Facebook page.





With major gold, iron ore and diamond projects underway Nunavut has become a focal point in Canada for new resource activity.  The Nunavut Mining Symposium brings together industry, government and community for a week of discussion and learning. The next Symposium runs from April 4 to 7, 2016 in Iqaluit.




Nunavut Trade Show

Thinking of doing business in Nunavut?  The Nunavut Trade Show provides an annual connection for government, business and consumers in Iqaluit. Dozens of northern and southern businesses  attend every year. The event is hosted by the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce. The annual "public day" is very popular with people in the community seeking information about new and different business opportunities in Nunavut.  This year's trade show runs in September 2016 in Iqaluit





Nunavut Business Directory The Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce has an on-line Nunavut Business Directory. You can find businesses in every Nunavut community.  So no matter what you're looking for, you should find it here!


Inuit Tapirit KanatamiInuit Tapirit Kanatmi maintains a searcheable site with information about Inuit-owned businesses through northern Canada, including Nunavut, the Nunavik region of Northern Quebec, the Northwest Territories and Nunatsiavut (Northern Labrador).




Carrefour NunavutCarrefour Nunavut is an organization active in a number of areas, including tourism, business development, personnel recruiting, and business innnovation.  They have strong ties to Nunavut's francophone community, and an innovative approach to economic development and entrepreneurship.


Nunavut Economic Developers AssociationThe Nunavut Economic Developers Association brings together people working in the field of economic development in Nunavut communities.  Information on this site about the organization and its work promoting economic development, training, partnerships, and more.



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