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C-GOLJ at CYLCKimmirut (formerly Lake Harbour) was one of the earlier Hudson's Bay Company and RCMP posts in the south Baffin.  It has also become known for a sapphire find. It is the closest community airstrip to Iqaluit.  The strip is relatively short, with hills on 2 sides and village on the other two, making it a challenge. And that doesn't count the fun of the dip in the middle (see photos below).

Nearby Katannilik Park, with its This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it in Kimmirut is one of the local attractions.  Many tourists hike the Soper River, flying into the east end of the park from Iqaluit, walking along the River, and finishing up in Kimmirut.  There are emergency shelters on the way, which serve hikers in the summer, and snowmobilers in the winter.

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Making the 35 Approach to CYLC Kimmirut

On approach 35 CYLC

The 35 approach takes you right over part of the community, with the strip 20 feet or so above the level of town.  The strip is fairly short at about 1900 feet, with a dip in the centre that can give you the impression of floating down the runway.

In a 172, a slow approach to 35 is usually uneventful, though some updraft can be expected as you cross the buildings below the threshold of 35.  Because of the hill off the north end of 35, a 17 approach here can be tricky.  Either the approach is from the northwest, with a quick turn to get lined up for 17, or you have to follow the terrain for a steep straight-in for 17. Both can be difficult if the wind conditions aren't just right.





Final 35 CYLC


You can click on these photos to enlarge them.

Because of the nature of the strip, the only local commercial flights into the community are by Twin Otter, for which this isn't a complicated landing in day VFR.  Local Twin Otter pilots usually have interesting stories to tell about heading into Kimmirut on a windy day.







The photo at left shows the airstrip as you approach Kimmirut from Iqaluit. The strip is the horizontal line in the centre of the frame.  Click on the image to enlarge.












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