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CYXP - Pangnirtung, Nunavut, Canada Print E-mail

Pangirtung residents with C-GOLJIn Inuktitut, the language of the Inuit, Pangnirtung (or Panniqtuuq) means "place of the bull caribou".  The community is a main attraction for tourists to the south Baffin area.  It is located at the western entrance to the spectacular Auyuittuq National Park.

If you've seen the open sequence to the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me", you've had a glimpse of Mt. Asgard. The flat-topped peak is on of the many wonderful sights in the park.  A trip through Akshayuk Pass by air on a clear day can be breathtaking. Here's a great couple of photos of one such trip. Hundreds have also enjoyed the multi-day hike through the Pass. A number of the peaks are also favoured by climbers.



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CYXP - Pangnirtung Airport Info Print E-mail

downwing for CYXPClick on image to enlarge

The information below is general, and NOT for specific flight planning purposes. Check CURRENT version of the Canada Flight Supplement to ensure accurate information.

Here's a short You Tube video of the approach

Here's an overhead view of the airport

N66 08 42 W65 42 49; Magnetic Dev: 38 degrees W; Elevation: 79' VNC chart A5039; CAP published IFR approach

Time: Eastern UTC -5 (-4 at daylight saving time)

Runway: 06/24 (062/242 true); 2920ft x 100 ft gravel; first 600' rwy 06T up 1.45%, first 800' rwy 24T up 1.14% RCR from CARS (see Radio below)

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Pangnirtung Accommodation, Tourism and Links Print E-mail

Looking toward Akshayuk Pass Pangirtung is a community of over 1200 people, nestled in a fiord at the entrance to Auyuittuq National Park.  Activities in the region include hunting and fishing, and climbing and hiking in the Park itself.  The community is home to the Uqqurmiut Arts and Crafts centre, where custom tapestries are woven. As well, the community has print makers and carvers who create unique work.

The Auyuittuq Lodge is the only hotel in Pangnirtung, and it is operated by the Arctic Co-operatives' Inns North division. It overlooks the fiord with excellent views from a second story deck.  The hamlet website also has details on families that provide "homestay" accommodation.

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