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Here's a collection of links for Arctic and Aviation weather information.  If you're planning a flight to Canada's eastern Arctic, be sure to consult the Nunavut/Arctic weather manual. It contains detailed information about weather patterns in and around many of the communities in this region.  Communities and airstrips are few and far between up here. Careful flight planning and weather observation are critical for a safe flight!

Note the official Greenland aviation weather information is available through this service of DMI. Registration is required

NavCanada provides this document to help you understand aviation weather information available in Canada.

And if just reading the weather doesn't strike you as a lot of fun, try this video showing a Twin Otter taking off in Iqaluit on a very windy day.  Almost like a helicopter!  And check out this video showing approaches in a range of weather to many Baffin Island airports.

And for the historically inclined,  here's a site with a full text copy of the 1975 FAA Aviation Weather guide, with a chapter on Arctic Aviation Weather.

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