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Most, but not all, Nunavut communities have Jet A-1 fuel available at the aerodrome.  Check the What's New section of this site for info on the recent 100LL drum count in Iqaluit.

In Iqaluit, 100LL sold in full drums only (205 litres/45 CDN gallons/54 US gallons). Fuel is brought into

Iqaluit by ship every summer, so the price usually changes only once per year.  The current price per drum and number of drums on hand are updated periodically in the spring/summer/fall in the What's New section of this site. The Nunavut Government's Petroleum Products Division is responsible for the purchase of all fuel for Nunavut. The fuel is then retailed through local companies and co-operatives in each community.

New stock usually arrives in late July, so if you're planning a trip here in the summer, review NOTAMS and contact the fuel supplier to be sure there will be fuel when you arrive. From time to time, Iqaluit has been without agvas, so be sure to check.

Outside of Iqaluit, 100LL can be hard to come by.

The community of Qikiqtarjuaq on the east coast of Baffin Island used to keep a few drums of 100LL for visiting flyers.  However, the community's Senior Adminstrative Officer informs us (June 11) that they no longer have any.

In Rankin Inlet,100LL is available in drums. Check the Canada Flight Supplement for details. The fuel agent there can be reached at 1-867-645-2973 or 4004. They take VISA.

In Baker Lake, Airport Refueller Enterprises usually has 100LL in drums as well. Contact them at 1-867-793-2234 or 2928. They take VISA and Mastercard.

The South Camp Inn in Resolute Bay has been known to pre-arrange for 100LL for general aviation. Contact Aziz "Ozzie" Kerhaj there for information.

MOGAS (car gas) is available in all Nunavut communities, however the local fuel agent is often quite a distance from the airport.  Contact information for local fuel agents is provided in the Communities section of this site. Look for the Community Business Directory.  You also can't be sure that there will be clean gas cans available, unless you either bring your own, or buy some at the local store.

A couple of years ago, there was some controversy about ethanol or methanol added to automotive fuels.  The Nunavut Petroleum Products Division said in 2007 that the purchase specifications for gas purchased for the territory specifically excluded oxygenates... which means no ethanol or methanol in Nunavut auto fuels.  They also said there was no plans to change that specification. If you're planning to use MOGAS and want to check on the specifications, call Nunavut Petroleum Products at 1-867-645-5165.

MOGAS is usually priced once per year when new supplies are delivered by ship. Current price (Apr 11) is around $1.29/litre.

And if you have other questions about avgas, mogas, lubricants or other fuel-related topics, have a look at Ben Visser's blog at GeneralAviationNews.com

There's also a great discussion and collection of articles on the future of 100LL Avgas at Avweb.   In the United States, there is a new coalition getting together to try to tackle the issue of what's going to replace 100LL. You'll find them here. And check out the GAFuel blog at General Aviation News


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