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Travelling through Iqaluit Print E-mail

OLJ goes camping at York SoundOver the years, we've met a wide range of pilots in a wide range of aircraft travelling through Iqaluit on their way to and from Europe and Canada's Eastern Arctic.  Ferry pilots, vacationing private pilots, adventurers going around the world, military pilots and many more.  Here are some of the interesting people we've encountered, and some of their stories.

Most stop through Iqaluit on their way between Canada and Greenland, as this is the largest airport on the Canadian side of the Davis Strait crossing.  For most people in smaller single engine aircraft, the route between Iqaluit and Sondre Stromfiord or Nuuk, Greenland offer the shortest time over water on a north Atlantic Crossing.

Others visit Iqaluit on the way to Pangnirtung, Qikiqtarjuaq, Cape Dorset, Kimmirut or other spots as far north as Pond Inlet, Resolute, Eureka and the North Magnetic Pole. More stories and links are added each summer season. And check out our Planespotting at CYFB page.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 20:37
Vans RV-8 all the way from L.A. Print E-mail

Vans RV-8 N731MBMark Albery dropped us an email recently to send a couple of photos of his trip through CYFB Iqaluit, Nunavut in April 2013.  Mark was flying his Vans RV-8 N713NB. He stopped by enroute from Los Angeles to the United Kingdom.  He says the visit, though short, was great.  Mark got a chance to meet our friend Wes Alldridge, Chief Pilot at Air Nunavut.  Check out Mark's collection of photos of the trip here, including the one at the left.  He's parked in front of the Frobisher Bay Touchdown Services FBO building at CYFB.

Last Updated on Friday, 07 June 2013 21:53
And it never left... Print E-mail

DC-3 in winterOn November 3, 1975, C-FOOY, a 1944 Douglas C47A 10DK Dakota 3 (DC-3) belonging to Kenting Atlas Aviation was carrying a group of Inuit on a charter from a meeting in Pond Inlet back to Iqaluit (or Frobisher Bay as it was then known). Bad weather forced it to miss refuelling in Pangnirtung or Broughton Island (now Qikiqtarjuaq). It ran out of fuel and landed on the tundra about 45 nm north east of Iqaluit.  The passengers included many of the original Inuit group that worked to develop the idea of Nunavut, which became a territory on April 1, 1999.  Like many arctic plane crashes, the plane is still there to this day.


Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 20:39
Grise Fiord by 172 Print E-mail

C-GEGG enroute to Grise Fiord, NunavutWerner Koch of Vancouver made a trip from CYPK Pitt Meadows, BC to CYGZ Grise Fiord, Nunavut in July 2011.  He went via CYZF Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, CYCB Cambridge Bay, CYYHTaloyoak, and CYAB Arctic Bay Nunavut,  to Grise Fiord. The return trip was via Arctic Bay, Cambridge Bay, CYCO Kugluktuk, CYVQ Norman Wells, NWT and Muncho Lake, BC.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 20:46
Drag 'Em Oot Print E-mail

C-47A N5831BIt is not every day we get a chance to have a look at some serious aviation history.  This 1943 C-47A N5831B (c/n 19345) dropped by CYFB in Iqaluit in May 2005 on its way from Arizona to to its new home in England.  At the time, it appeared to be just another of the many ferry flights that travel through YFB every year.  But, thanks to Ruud Leeuw, there are web pages outlining N5831B's World War II history, its post-war past, and its restoration.  Quite a story.

Last Updated on Saturday, 28 February 2015 02:22
Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 Print E-mail

This HHawker Beechcraft AT-6awker Beechcraft AT-6 (model 3000), serial number AT-1,  dropped by Iqaluit in July, 2011 on its way to the 40th anniversary Royal International Air Tattoo at the Royal Airforce Base Fairford, Gloucestershire, England.  The AT-6 is Hawker Beechcraft's new attack/surveillance aircraft, based on its T-6 Texan trainer.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 20:48
Mira Slovak Print E-mail

Mira SlovakMost of the visits we write about happened since our involvement with general aviation in Iqaluit began in 1993.  But this is one story that had to make the page even though it happened more than 40 years ago.  Mira Slovak made the Atlantic crossing via Greenland and Iqaluit (or Frobisher Bay as it was then known) back in 1968.  He did it in his motorglider, a Fournier RF-4D, built by Sportavia in Germany.  Think big wing, one wheel, and a 36 hp Volkswagen engine.

Last Updated on Saturday, 24 October 2015 20:54
Jens Abildgaard Print E-mail

Jens from DenmarkJens Abildgaard was through Iqaluit a couple of years ago on one of his longer, international trips. He's done a 'round the world flight, a trip from Europe to the US and one to South Africa, all in a single engine plane.  His website has trip reports and other information.

Wilga2000 Print E-mail

Wilga 2000 TF-REDYou don't see one of these every day in Iqaluit.  It is an EADS 'Warszawa - Okecie' S.A. PZL-104MA Wilga 2000.  Quite a powerful, multipurpose aircraft.  Built in Poland by PZL,  they're used for everything from towing gliders, to training, to border patrol.  The Canadian Air Cadet program had purchased one PZL-104MA, and was planning to buy more, but EADS is apparently no longer making it.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 October 2011 05:27
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