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Terry JantziTerry's 1999 visit to Iqaluit was our first introduction to the RANS-RV6. And Terry's was a beauty. He won an outstanding workmanship award at Oshkosh in 1998.

That's Terry on the right, with Pat Nagle after Terry took him for a quick flight around the Iqaluit area.  Terry's thing at the time was speed records. He set one between Ottawa and Iqaluit on his trip here.

And here's quite an amazing story about setting an altitude record in the RV-6. Not many of us will take an unpressurized home built aicraft to FL 18 and beyond!

While he was here we tucked Terry's RV-6 into the old Polar Pilots hangar, along with a Cessna 172, a Piper SuperCub; and a Pelican ultralight.

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