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Armin Stief and Thomas StalzerWe've seen Arnim Stief come through Iqaluit a couple of times. In the photo on the left, he's seen with Thomas Stalzer.  In 2004, they were in Iqaluit ferrying a Cessna Cardinal from the rebuild in the U.S. to Stalzer's aircraft rental company EC-FLY in Mallorca, Spain.  EC-FLY rents to private pilots, so look him up if you're heading that way.

Armin also stopped by again in 2006, ferrying this new Cirrus for a German fractional ownership company.  And we bumped into him again in 2009, when he was flying with a group from Germany to the airshow at Oshkosh.

Arnim also was involved in a two part round the world trip in Cirrus. Check out the website His company provides international ferrying services, and flight instruction in Germany.

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