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International Air Rally in IqaluitThe International Air Rally visited Iqaluit on August 4 and 5, 2006. Iqaluit was the destination for this intrepid group of small plane owners and pilots.  The trip started at the Oshkosh air show. Click here for a map showing their route.

This group plans trips like this to out of the way places just about every year.

Check their website and click on "2006 Achievements" for details of this trip.

While in Iqaluit, they toured the local community, took a few short flights in the area and enjoyed the local hospitality. They were treated to warm and sunny summer VFR weather here, but a planned trip to Pangnirtung had to be canceled due to low ceilings there.  When these pictures were taken, it was a warm 12 degrees celcius - a very pleasant summer day in Iqaluit.

About 15 aircraft made it all the way to Iqaluit.  A few of the VFR only pilots left their planes in Kangirsuk in Northern Quebec, and picked them up on the way home.

Mark Brooks, who flies out of the Buttonville Flying Club near Toronto, was one of the Cirrus pilots on the trip. Here's his extensive trip report.

Here are photos of some of the International Air Rally participant. Click on the image to enlarge.

 Getting ready for Pangnirtung

 or enjoying a beautiful day in Iqaluit

All kinds of planes... small ...

and not so small


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