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Vancouver Sun blog

The title is reminescent of a trip that Brad Knickerbocker of the Christian Science Monitor chronicled back in 2000.  Brad's trip was called Small Plane, Big Planet. His was a trip around the world in a Cessna 182. And while Small Plane, Big Adventure is more modest, flying a C182 from Vancouver to Glasgow, it is certainly a big adventure.

Brenda Bailey and Eli Gershkovitch are blogging the trip in Vancouver Sun.

They were through Iqaluit on August 8th and caught a nice day on their way to Greenland.

They were using the SPOT tracking device, which seems to have worked well at least to the midpoint between Canada and Greenland over the Davis Strait. For some reason it stopped tracking at that point, which caused a bit of concern for those following the trip. The blog talks about some of their other experiences with SPOT. You can also view the track on the SPOT website, or click on the link n the Small Plane, Big Adventure blog.
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