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Larry's trips to Kugluktuk Print E-mail

Challenger at Windy Lake, NWTThere are very few private aircraft in Nunavut.  Over the years there have been a handful of ultralights and Cessna 172s based in Iqaluit, although at present CYFB is without a private aviation presence.  But though Iqaluit is fairly far north by southern Canadian standards, it is not the most northerly spot for private aviation in Nunavut.  Check out this blog from Larry at CYCO Kugluktuk, Nunavut (formerly known as Coppermine) on the Arctic Coast.

That's about 1100 nm northwest of Iqaluit, but still in Nunavut. We've never met Larry.  Nunavut's a big place.

Larry flew his Challenger ultralight from Montreal to Kugluktuk, and had himself a bit of an adventure in the process. He did the trip over two years (2005-2006). His blog tells the story in great detail. Good read and pictures. Part 1 is here; Part 2 is here; and Part 3 is here.




C-GAMWAnd it seems that one trip, and one plane, weren't quite enough for Larry.  He's added a second aircraft to his "fleet". It is a beautiful amateur-built PA-12 replica C-GAMW, re-furbished in 2010.  Of course, with the new plane, came another adventure flying it up from Sudbury, Ontario to Kugluktuk, Nunavut.  Larry's posted a great story about the trip, along with some photos on his blog site.

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