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Small Plane, Big PlanetChristian Science Monitor reporter Brad Knickerbocker wrote a series of articles in that paper in 2000, covering a trip around the world in a Cessna 182. The series was called Small Plane, Big Planet.   Unfortunately, their great website no longer seems to exist at CSMonitor.com.

Too bad, as it was an interesting and unique look at how "small" the planet is becoming.  Many of the stories can be found individually by searching Knickerbocker Cessna at CSMonitor.com

They stopped in Iqaluit on the way, as most 'round the world' trips in small planes do.

An update:  Thanks to the good folks at the Wayback Machine, we can see some of the website chronicling the Small Plane, Big Planet trip.

And here's a few direct links to some of the CSMonitor stories:

The Big Picture is lots of small ones

In-flight journal - day 32

What we learned from the air

Journey's End: We unpack plane and feelings

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