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1   Link   Pinetree Line
An extensive site with hundreds of aviation and other photographs which chronicle the history of the Pinetree Line radar sites. These dotted northern Canada in the 1950s and 1960s as part of the defense of North America during the Cold War. Click on Frobisher Bay for stories and photos of Iqaluit.
2   Link   Red and Black Pole to Pole
PDF article outlining the history of Kenn Borek Air, one of the world's best at Arctic travel in the venerable Twin Otter.
3   Link   History of Lamb Air
No northern aviation history is complete without a look at Jack Lamb's family aviation business in Northern Manitoba and what is now Nunavut.
4   Link   Ice Pilots NWT
The website of the History Television series on Buffalo Airways, in Canada's Northwest Territories. They're flying history... literally.
5   Link   Canada Above and Beyond
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and Radio-Canada present an on-line documentary and site the chronicles the history of aviation in Canada.
6   Link   Arctic Aviation Experts reports
The Institute of the North has held conferences in recent years on aviation in the Arctic.
7   Link   CANAV Books
Larry Milberry's CANAV Books publishes an extensive range of aviation books. This link goes to one of our favourites - The Leslie Corness Propliner Collection. Click on the BOOKLIST on Larry's site to see them all.
8   Link   Ruud Leeuw
Aviation history and photography
9   Link   To the End of the Earth
One of our favourite articles about the true polar pilots... those who reach the north pole by Twin Otter.
10   Link   Twin Otter Series 400
You can't talk about flying in the Arctic without talking about the Twin Otter. Viking Air brings out the NEW Series 400.
11   Link   Century of Flight
Aviation history website
12   Link   Historic Polar Flights
Website with short articles on 10 historic polar flights.
13   Link   Arctic Aerial Exploration
From the US Centennial of Flight website.
14   Link   Carl Ben Eielson
A synopsis of the career of the pioneer Arctic aviator from the website of the school bearing his name in North Dakota, USA.
15   Link   Old Wings
A great site dedicated to aging aircraft... with a couple of interesting pages on crashed aircraft in high arctic Canada.
16   Link   Peary to the North Pole
New York Times article about Robert Peary's plan to fly to the North Pole.
17   Link   Wings Above the Arctic
Check out this book about Arctic Aviators.
18   Link   Flight Magazine Archives
A complete, free on-line archive of Flight Magazine from 1909 to 2005. PDF files with an amazing amount of aviation history.
19   Link   Planespotting in the NWT
You can't talk about modern northern flying without talking about Buffalo Airways out of Yellowknife.
20   Link   Transglobe Expedition
More proof, if you need any, that a Twin Otter is a must for any trip to the North Pole...
21   Link   The Return of Airships?
Early attempts to use dirigibles to reach the North Pole failed. But will new technology see the return of the arctic airship?
22   Link   Postal History of Arctic Exploration
Amundsen, MacMillan and Byrd - Arctic aviation firsts commemorated in stamps.
23   Link   Cross Polar Commercial Aviation
The FAA website features information about the Cross Polar Working Group, bringing together governments and airlines interests to improve Arctic airspace operations.
24   Link   Lauge Koch
Danish explorer of Greenland who use aviation extensively to explore the region.
25   Link   Russian Arctic Aviation pioneers
An article from the journal Arctic on early Russian arctic aviation attempts.
26   Link   Canadian Aviation Historical Society
Includes information on back issues of the Society's journal.
27   Link   DHC-2.com
An amazing collection of photos and ownership information on many of the DeHavilland Beavers ever made. A number of these planes worked in the north over many years.
28   Link   Canadian Aviation Museum
Includes descriptions of some aircraft used historically in the Canadian arctic.
29   Link   Abandoned Plane Wrecks of the North
Collection of photos and stories of wrecked planes abandoned across the arctic.
30   Link   Flying in the Canadian Arctic
A photo gallery of locations from Nunavik to Ellesmere Island by a pilot who flew in the region from 1991 to 1999.
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