The End of an Era... at least for now Print

C-GOLJ at CYLC Kimmirut, NunavutThe spring of 2010 brought big changes for our little Polar Pilots group.  For a variety of reasons, we sold our Cessna 172 C-GOLJ and hangar at the Iqaluit, Nunavut airport.  While that means we won't be flying locally for the forseeable future, we remain actively interested in general aviation in Nunavut.  And while we're no longer able to provide tie-down space for visiting small planes, we will continue to endeavour to answer questions and provide information for pilots travelling to our unique region.

We'll also continue to actively maintain the Polar Pilots web site.

Over the last 17 years we've met a wide range of pilots from all over the world. And we hope to hear from you, if you're planning a trip up this way.


Last Updated on Friday, 18 March 2011 20:50