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UPDATE:  Check YFB NOTAMS.  Currently (July 3, 2019) there is a NOTAM indicating that the fuel supplier has run out of 100LL avgas.  The shipping season has begun, so more should be on the way, but the NOTAM shows no avgas until July 31,2019

The Iqaluit airport usually receives its annual shipment of 100LL AVGAS in July or August, depending on sea ice conditions and shipping schedules. Note that it isn't unusual for Iqaluit to run out of avgas in the weeks leading up to the resupply.  The fuel provider will not usually NOTAM the outage until it happens.  So it is important that you check ahead to ensure they'll have enough fuel on hand to meet your needs.  It has happened that small aircraft have arrived assuming there would be fuel, only to discover it was used up just before they arrived.

100LL is only availabe in full drums.  The last published price was $318.06 per 205 litre/45 CDN gallons/54 US gallons drum (Apr 19).  You have to buy the whole drum. The price is generally set once a year, following the arrival of the new year's supply by ship.  Check with the fuel supplier for price/availability information: Uqsuq Corporation (+1-867-222-2855) Current published price of Jet A is $1.4453/litre. (Apr 19)

Current drum count is not available. The fuel is now stored at a different location at the airport, preventing informal drum counts.  Check directly with Uqsuq Corporation.

You can also check with the local FBO Frobisher Bay Touchdown Services .  They regularly service transiting small aircraft, and have up to date information. They may also be able to assist with any special needs for fuel, etc.

Check Iqaluit airport general info here.

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