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Sanikiluaq crash Dec 2012The Transportation Safety Board has released its report into the December 22, 2012 crash at Sanikiluaq, Nunavut of a Perimeter Aviation Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III (C-GFWX). The plane came in too high, too steep and too fast. It touched down 200 metres beyond the end of the runway, skidding another 300 metres. The report says bad weather, poor visibility, fatigue and a departure from established protocols all played a part in the crash. TSB investigator Gayle Connors also told a news conference in Winnipeg on June 29, 2015 that the flight had departed Winnipeg for Sanikiluaq only to discover the crew had forgotten the instrument procedure charts for approach and landing. Rather than return to the airport and extend the flight time even more, the captain instead radioed the company to obtain most of the required information.


There were 9 people on board, including a crew of 2. All survived, except 6 month old Isaac Appaqaq. The infant was thrown from his mother's lap on impact, and he died from multiple injuries.


The TSB report calls on Transport Canada to mandate child safety seats for children under 2 years of age commercial flights.  The report provides information about the difficulties inherent in trying to hold an infant through a crash situation like this.  The report also calls for commercial airlines to keep better statistics on the number of children under 2 on their flights.


CBC News has an extensive story here about the report here. The full TSB report is available here.  Our earlier story is here.


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