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Greenlight WorldflightMatevž Lenarčič is attempting something few have tried.  He's flying an advanced ultralight from Slovenia to Iqaluit, over the north pole, and then back to Europe over the north Atlantic.

The project is called Greenlight Worldflight. It takes him through northern Europe, to Svalbard, Norway and over the pole. On the Canadian side, he landed at the Enivronment Canada weather station at Eureka, then on to Resolute Bay, Nunavut and arriving in  Iqaluit on May 7, 2013. After a few minor repairs, he left Iqaluit May 10th, heading south to St. John's Newfoundland. From there, he's following the path of Charles Lindbergh across the North Atlantic to Kerry, Ireland, and then back to Slovenia.  A remarkable trip.

And he's doing it in a small plane.  He's flying the Pipistrel Virus-SW in a standard configuration.  Along the way, he's planning to collect black carbon data for scientific analysis.

We're following his trip on the Greenlight Worldflight website tracking page, which is using real-time tracking data from Spidertracks. You'll find lots of great information about the trip on the Greenlight site.

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